Arkal, Building the Trust

StoryArkal Story

In 1412 AH., Arkal Contracting Company started its journey in Saudi Arabia with a capital of 500,000 Saudi Riyal. We made great efforts, studies, and planning to develop our staff, until we earned major projects under the leadership of the chairman, His Royal Highness, Prince Sultan bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Which reflected on the company’s efficiency and guaranteed out development in the field of contracting.

Alpha, the parent company, has a number of successful investments in various fields, of which Arkal is one of its most important investments.


With our professional expertise, and the steadiness and strength of our projects we seek to keep pace with the developing needs of the sector in a phase of national transformation and to raise the standards of our services to match the promising future of the construction sector and all its branches.


we endeavor to make continuous accomplishments, to have the company among the most powerful companies in the region, with the remarkableness and effectiveness of our efforts targeting the local markets in the Kingdom, to be part of the success of the National Transformation 2030.

DepartmentTechnical Management

Our projects are carried out with the highest standards and methods, we scaffold constructions to guarantee quality and durability. Scaffolding is one of the advanced methods used in Arkal. Also, the company has a top niche technical department that carries out mechanical and maintenance works. Our portfolio contains government full projects from implementation to managing the facilities, as well as private sector projects.

Hence, Arkal has set standards to ensure quality consistency.

  • Strictly following the Saudi building code under engineering supervision
  • Following the latest construction technologies and using the most effective ones
  • Using the highest quality construction materials e.g. steel and concrete
  • Initial planning each project using the best engineering programs
  • Carrying out the work by highly qualified expertise under the company’s supervision
  • Fast completion and high construction accuracy

ArkalChief Executive Officer

Effort is not the only mean to achievement, for achievements require commitment and solid planning. Behind every outstanding achievement a great team with individuals experienced in different fields.

Hence, in Arkal, we are particular when it comes to our standards. We carefully chart the path toward collaborative success with our clients to whom we take pride in their trust.

You will always find Arkal above and beyond all standards, in order to achieve our vision and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.